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Welcome to our website. Please explore our various web pages and see how a private enterprise can help restore communities while providing quality living spaces. We thank you for visiting and hope you will consider OnE Enterprises as you search for your new home.



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Our Company Values

1. Neighborhood Revitalization - OnE Enterprises believes that our older neighborhoods not only convey our cities history, but also contain the earth's resources which can be saved with targeted re-construction. Thus we often focus on older properties that need new esthetics and sometimes major component restructure; bringing years of quality life to both the property and the neighborhood.

2. Quality Homes for Residents - Developing older properties is wonderful for any neighborhood, however we believe that it should be done in such a way as to allow current residents to afford the updated properties. Thus, OnE Enterprises strives to maintain updated properties at prices so that current residents can continue to afford the neighborhood.

3. Treating Residents with Respect - OnE Enterprises believes that each person has value and that all perspective, current and past residents should be treated with respect.

4. Maintaining Our Homes When Needs Do Arise - Even with the best of resident care, repairs do arise from time to time and need to be taken care of. When attention is needed, OnE Enterprises' takes care of our residents with a 24 hour toll free number to alert us of repair items so it can be scheduled for repair as soon as possible during normal business hours.